Brand and Identity
OpenMind Media is well suited to help develop your organization's brand and identity; elements like logos, fonts, colors, signage, stationary, copyrights, trademarks and graphic standards. Elements that help establish the recognition and consistency guidelines needed in today's business environment.

Our goal is to appeal to your customer through a variety of sensory experiences and then benefit your organization through customer satisfaction, loyalty and ultimately gives you a competitive edge. Everyone knows the trademarks of Coca-Cola, Nike, Volvo and even the stylish advertisements of Absolute Vodka a large part of their appeal is tied to their brand and identify. Let us put your brand to work for you.

Once implemented, we provide a full transfer of knowledge to your staff so that the new brand and identity is used consistently. This may seem elementary, but we want to ensure that our work gets embraced in your day to day business. Taking this little step goes a long way in building brand awareness.

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Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, Ahi Lima (Burning Hands) conducts CPR and First Aid training courses to regional fire departments.
Angel Unaware
A non-profit organization that provides support groups for children and families living with HIV/AIDS.
Delphi Group
Provides their clients
with a Partnership not just insurance.
Metro Mortgage
Provides commercial mortgage solutions.
Protected Pets
Provides pet owners substantial savings
with their membership services on veterinary
care, pet supplies,
training and much more.
Right Care Family Network
Provides supplemental health Insurance for senior citizens.




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